Organization Development



We help Organisations understand themselves

We help companies to see themselves as a living organism. The company has to understand its' identity, emotionality and its' processes in order to overcome the difficulties which inevitably arise in any development. The company learns to understand itself, empower the organization to carry out change in an adequate and creative manner.

In humans as well as organizations, over the last centuries, there has been a "pathogenesis- based mentality. That is to say the disease has been seen as something to combat and prevent, and in companies how to correct or avoid problems.

In the last decade a new paradigm has emerged: "salutogenesis". Instead of only focusing on the causes of unbalance and apply the necessary cure, we want to boost the motor of health, the immune system that all living beings possess (people and organizations). If it is strong and harmonious it will avoid internal unbalance and protect it from outside attacks.

From the "salutogenic" perspective we help to identify, strengthen and make coherent the elements which make up the 'health booster' of the organization. It's an authentic and significant business transformation.

We work from a holistic and transcendental perspective, which applies both to people and organizations. Our methodology is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Bernard Lievegoed and Otto Scharmer, among others.

The philosophical model of our consulting company is the Social Threefolding of the individual and of society in general. This fundamental concept of Rudolf Steiner's enables us to understand the individual just as much as social organisms whether they be organizations, companies or society in general.

As with all living organisms, the company also has its' own biography, and as in all developmental change it goes through phases of growth separated by phases of crisis and change. This perspective is made whole by the inclusion of a spiritual dimension. This perspective gave rise to our motto:      

"Helping companies to understand themselves"

This understanding is the source of all the salutogenic forces which will allow a healthy development of the company or organization.

The "pathogenic" and "salutogenic" aspects define the two phase of the organisational consulting that we perform.

Phase 1

How did the present situation come about? What's the cause of the problems we're dealing with?

This is where we make a detailed diagnosis of the three vital levels of the organization:

- Resources, the scorecard

- Productive processes
- Internal relationships
- The identity, values and mission of the company

For each level intervention plans are devised which can be implemented immediately. The objective is to solve and prevent. An optimum Management of Change plan is devised and also a strategic plan

Phase 2

Where, and in whom lie the talents and creative forces in the company?

How can we harmonize the three vital levels in the company in order to strengthen the source of health within the company?

We accompany the company in this process of authentic corporate transformation, giving support first to managers and then the company as a whole. This is accomplished by transferring talent and making the company into one which is constantly learning and to achieve a deep understanding of itself.

“Los seminarios del Triform Institute me han ayudado a comprender que la Economía pierde totalmente su sentido cuando se deja de lado lo Social. Me refiero al Ser Humano. Economía y beneficio Social son ya inseparables para mi.” by Joaquim Margenat.