Our Mission


Triform Institute is a practical platform of knowledge for the exchange of experiences searching for a social sustainable change.

We seek to put into the hands of leaders in organisations, enterprises, institutions, NGO's and associations, the suitable tools to facilitate the changes that Society is clamouring for.

We believe that such changes are not viable if not arising from an integral vision of the human being and the social organism. A vision which is grounded on Social Threefolding and Anthroposophy as a scientific-spiritual method formulated by Rudolf Steiner.

Besides courses and seminars on practical topics, the Institute leads and participates in transformation projects on diverse fields: culture, local development, education, the organisational world, economy and finance, health, the environment, etc.

The Triform Institute participates actively in research programmes on the field of social sciences. It collaborates with Universities and other institutions for the development of experimental exchange programmes on the various fields of our activity.

“Rudolf Steiner y Emil Molt  crearon las bases de la  Triformación Social  en el año  1.919,  en paralelo  con la creación de la primera Escuela Waldorf.      Muchas   gracias a TRIFORM INSTITUTE por ayudarnos a poner en práctica los ideales de LIBERTAD,IGUALDAD y FRATERNIDAD” by Ester Guirado.